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Essex Fells is another Essex County town that made New Jersey Monthly magazine’s “Best Places to Live in New Jersey” list, ranking 10th in the state.
Essex Fells has no apartment buildings or town homes, only single family homes for its 2100+ residents. The quaint and quiet borough doesn’t even have any traffic lights! Nor are there any office buildings or restaurants … it’s all about being a beautiful place to live.
Most of the homes were custom-built before World War II, with no two houses being alike but all possessing wonderful character. The elegant homes sit on large parcels of gorgeous property, making Essex Fells a standout not only in Essex County and New Jersey, but nationwide.

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Essex Fells draws a sophisticated and upscale homeowner who appreciate its charms as one of the wealthiest towns in the United States. Children attend Essex Fells School District from kindergarten through sixth grade; upon entering seventh grade, they attend the West Essex Regional School District with students from Roseland, North Caldwell and Fairfield. This district includes the West Essex Fells Junior High and West Essex Fells High School.
Town residents enjoy Grover Cleveland Park which runs along the Caldwell-Essex Fells border; and Essex Fells Pond, draws people who enjoy ice skating, pond hockey, and figure skating during the winter months.
Essex Fells real estate facts:

  • The median home value index according to Zillow is $757,100.
  • Essex Fells has been able to retain the value on its properties, while also maintaining its high-end image.
  • Essex Fells has been ranked No. 149 on the list of 250 of the wealthiest properties in the United States.

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